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Seven Oaks School Division
Community Begins Here
Jun 07, 2023
School Day 2
No School Today
Superintendents Team

​​​​Community Begins Here
It is our aim to provide the best possible learning environment for our students.

Follow this link to view greetings from Bri​an O'Leary - Superintendent


Superintendents' Team

Brian O'Leary - Superintendent (

Mat​t Henderson - Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum (

​Tony Kreml - Assistant Superintendent - Human Resources​​​ (​)

Jennifer McGowan - Assistant Superintendent - Student Services (

Jennifer West - Secretary -Treasurer (

Cl​ayton Bodkyn - Assistant Secretary-Treasurer (clayto​​)

To learn of our responsibilities and our contact information, follow the links above.

Each of us can be reached through the Seven Oaks Office at (204) 586-8061 (telephone) (204) 589-2504 (fax), or via email.