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May 26, 2024
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Tech Hub

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​​For Creatives, Designers, Coders, Innovators, Builders

Please get in touch with your school principal to register.


Tech Hub Exchange​​

In an exciting collaboration with Flighty Felon Games, our program offers students a unique opportunity to learn Interactive Digital Media (IDM) skills under the guidance of industry experts.  Students are immersed in the captivating world of game development throughout the semester, dedicating their afternoons to hands-on experience in Winnipeg's Exchange District. Working alongside the Flighty Felon games team, the students gain invaluable skills using game design as a tool to foster teamwork and collaboration. Our students acquire practical skills and embark on a journey of creative exploration and professional growth. 

Students will explore various areas of IDM while finishing the program with a group project of their choice. In these projects, students explore: 

  • Digital Art (2D and 3D) 
  • Concept Art
  • Sound Design 
  • Coding
  • Game Design​
  • Level Design
  • Production Workflows 
  • Game Project​
This program is offered every semester, where students earn two High school credits based on their individual learning plans. We are proud to host this program at the Exchange MET (MCAT) campus, located at 321 McDermot Avenue. Our classes run Monday to Friday from 1 to 3 PM.

School Year 2023 -2024 Semester 1 -At Capacity Semester 2 - Few spots available. (please email to register)​.


Tech H​ub Met 

In partnership with New Media Manitoba, students learn how to develop interactive digital media from industry experts in a natural studio focusing on Unreal Engine. Students spend Tuesdays and Thursdays on their internship days to create projects that mentors guide with the focus on the following: β€‹β€‹

Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Foundations is meant to provide the necessary building blocks in various areas of IDM. β€‹

This includes:

  • Digital Art (2D & 3D)
  • Programming Theory 
  • Game Design
  • Sound
  • Production Workflows

Students will get an introductory look into all the above areas of study and be granted time to explore interests and develop these skills, as they will use them for a final project as part of their grade. This final project carries through both classes as students will be utilizing the skills they explore and develop in the mornings as a supplement to the tool they'll be using in the afternoon to develop this final project. 

More advanced students will be able to explore more advanced topics in their area of interest with the instructor acting as a mentor. This time will be part of the time granted for exploration and development. 


​​​Tech Hub After School​


Taking place on Tuesdays, this program focuses on computer science and the Unity game engine, offering an invaluable opportunity for your child to not only expand their knowledge but also earn High School ICT credits under the guidance of our experienced instructors. Throughout the program, students will gain an understanding of game engines, particularly Unity, one of the industry's most popular platforms. They will learn the basic applications of Unity, enabling them to develop their own projects and explore a world of creative possibilities, including game design, simulations, and interactive experiences. Key topics include mastering the Unity interface, understanding crucial elements like the Scene view, Game view, Hierarchy, Inspector, and Project window, as well as gaining proficiency in creating, manipulating, and organizing game objects. 

Mentorship Thursdays is  aimed at providing your child with a dynamic and enriching experience to connect with mentors from the industry to compliment their learning from the Tuesday programming.  

Adrian Cheater, the Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Complex Games at Garden City, will be guiding them through the intricacies of the field and offering one on one support in helping design your own game. In addition, we are thrilled to offer 2D Digital Art sessions with the talented Brianna Marcoux. Beyond the knowledge and skills acquired, students also have the potential to earn an Interactive Digital Media (IDM) credit at their grade level.

The after-school program is open to students in grades 9 through 12. This full-year program takes place every Tuesday and Thursday, from 4 PM to 6 PM, and is hosted at both Maples Collegiate and Garden City Collegiate. We're pleased to extend this program to West Kildonan Collegiate students as well to make participation as convenient as possible. We provide bus tokens for transportation to and from the program locations. Additionally, for West Kildonan Collegiate students, a school bus will be arranged for a convenient drop-off back at West K from Garden City Collegiate.


Tech Hub M​iddle Years 

Introduce basic programming and interactive digital media skills after school on Wednesdays. This program runs 8-10 week blocks on rotation throughout the school year and is offered in  middle-year schools. These programs include: 

Lego Cogmation Robotics: (Video)

Microsoft and Lego have teamed together to build a simplified learning tool to teach kids how to build robots virtually in real-time. Students learn coding fundamentals for all stem subjects in the building and playing process. This program introduces students to computer science concepts using block coding in Minecraft. 

Minecraft Education:(Video)​

Minecraft Education is a game-based learning platform that promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving in an immersive digital environment. This program introduces students to computer science concepts using block coding in Minecraft.

Your Voice is Power Music and Coding Workshop: β€‹(Video)

This unique initiative is carefully crafted to educate and empower our students in three critical areas: computer science, arts and social justice. Through this program, students will have the opportunity to work with EarSketch platform, a creative tool that enables them to remix songs originally created by Indigenous artists. By doing so, they not only explore their artistic and musical talents but also dive into the world of coding and computer science.  This workshop provides a unique opportunity for students to work closely with Genie Baffoe​, a skilled professional who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. This workshop will introduce students to the rich history of hip-hop, a genre that has played a significant role in our cultural landscape. Your child will have the chance to explore the origins, evolution, and cultural impact of hip-hop. Furthermore, this workshop will offer hands-on experience in the art of mixing music. Your child will learn the craft of blending different sounds and creating their own unique compositions. Its an exciting opportunity for them to develop their musical talents and discover their passion for music production. β€‹


Contact Information


Monica Gadsby 

Tech Hub Coordinator