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Learning an Additional Languag​e in the Seven Oaks School Division

When making educational choices for their children, more and more parents are recognizing that knowing an additional language is an important skill in today’s ever-shrinking world – and will be even more important in their children’s future. Consider the many advantages!

Students in the Seven Oaks School Division have the opportunity to study in more than a dozen different languages. During the regular school day parents may choose to have their children receive instruction in one of four ​languages in addition to English. These programs are offered at several schools within the school division. Students are strongly encouraged to enter the program at the Kindergarten or the Grade 1 level. The following options will be are offered:

French Immersion Program

In grades 1 – 5 students receive instruction in most subject areas in French for approximately 75% of the school day after the kindergarten year. Since students attend kindergarten for only a half-day, a higher percentage of instruction in French is necessary. At the middle and senior years levels students receive instruction in French for somewhat less than 75% of the school day. Attending an information meeting or contacting one of the following schools will allow you to find out more about the French Immersion program.

School Name



École Belmont 525 Belmont Avenue 204-338-7893
École Constable E. Finney School
25 Anglia Avenue 204-694-8688
École Rivière-Rouge Community School 55 Swinford Way 204-697-5962
​École Templeton
1310 Templeton Avenue​​204-589-9853
École Leila North Community School 20 Allan Blye Drive 204-694-8071
École Seven Oaks Middle School 800 Salter Street 204-586-0327
Garden City Collegiate 711 Jefferson Avenue 204-​339-2058

Bilingual Programs

Students receive instruction in core subject areas in either the Ukrainian, Ojibwe, Filipino or Punjabi language for approximately 50% of the school day. Students entering the program at the Kindergarten or Grade 1 level have the best opportunity for success. These schools offer bilingual programming in the Seven Oaks School Division.

Program/School Name



Ukrainian Bilingual Program
R. F. Morrison School
25 Morrison Street 204-338-7804
Ojibwe Bilingual Program
Riverbend Community School
​123 Red River Blvd.​204-334-8417
Filipino Bilingual Program
A.E. Wright Community School
1520 Jefferson Avenue​​204-632-6314

​Punjabi Bilingual Program
Amber Trails Community School
1575 Templeton Avenue​​204-697-5965

Instruction in Ukrainian can continue at H. C. Avery Middle School after the early years.

Ojibwe is currently offered for Kindergarten to Grade 5 with anticipation of continuing on for future grades.

Filipino is currently offered for Kindergarten to Grade 8​​​​ with anticipation of continuing on for future grades.

Punjabi​ will be offered for Kindergarten to Grade 2 with anticipation of continuing on for future grades.

Heritage Language Program

Some schools are currently offering after-school language programs, bilingual programs, or immersion programs​. Click here for more details.

Languages at the Senior High Level

Students may opt for second language instruction as part of their regular course selection at the senior high level. At West Kildonan Collegiate, students may attend German language classes and receive credit at the Senior 2 – 4 levels. At Garden City Collegiate students may elect to attend classes in German and Spanish.

Any student in one of the division’s high schools may apply to write a special language credit exam usually written once a year on one or two evenings in February. Special language exams are given by qualified examiners who may award up to 4 high school credits to students who feel that they can be successful in languages for which there is no instruction during the regular school day. EXAMPLE – Filipino, Punjabi, Ukrainian.

Click here for details on the Special Language Credit Exams.

English as a Second Language (ESL) - adult program

ESL classes are available for adults through Seven Oaks School Division.  Please click here to visit the Adult Learning Centre website for details.​