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Seven Oaks School Division
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Jun 15, 2024
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“I have faith in our public school system, and in Seven Oaks in particular – I think we have caring, committed teachers who will go the extra mile to make sure our kids do well."

​William McGowan remains as passionate about education as the day he was first elected nearly 30 years ago.

People first saw Bill’s passion when he spoke about the need for a new elementary school in the Maples area at a public meeting (until that point, Bill’s main involvement had been as a sports coach and convenor and an active parent to Seven Oaks children). Encouraged by others, Bill decided to run and immediately felt being a Trustee was a perfect fit. Others must agree as he has remained on the Board ever since.

Bill’s passion is driven by the students themselves and makes a point of attending as many school events as he is able. He always takes time to speak with students and is continuously impressed with the level of knowledge and commitment they display, not only with respect to their education but to larger issues impacting the world around them. When he sees students getting actively involved, finding their voices and making an effort to make a difference for others, he finds himself inspired by their positivity and energy.

Providing students the opportunity to grow as individuals is Bill’s main focus as a Trustee (and as a grandfather with children still attending school in Seven Oaks). That means finding new programs that keep students on the leading edge of learning, finding and supporting the best teaching staff possible for each school and making certain the schools are safe places for everyone attending.

Bill is confident Seven Oaks students will leave the Division not just as well-educated students, but as well-rounded community citizens – and he’s proud to be part of making that a reality.