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2022-2023 Budget


2022-2023 Budget



Questions & Answers


Q: ​There are plans for new schools in the Division. High schools? Met schools?
A: The division has acquired or is in the process of acquiring sites for three new schools announced by the province in their β€œNew Schools Sooner" initiative. They are located in Aurora at North Point, Highland Pointe and Meadowlands in West St. Paul. The division has also acquired a high school site in Highland Pointe. An addition to West Kildonan Collegiate is under construction and will be completed in early 2023. The division opened a new Met School located in the Exchange this school year.

Q: What is the timeline for the school in Aurora. What kind of school is it going to be - Kindergarten to Grade 8?
A: We have acquired a site and are planning a Kindergarten to Grade 8 dual track English and French Immersion school. We have asked the Minister of Education for permission to begin design. If that permission is granted shortly we would target September 2024 for school opening. We currently offer busing to all children in this area.​

Q: What and when are the plans to re-do Amber Trails School playgrounds?
A: We will continue to maintain the site and have set some funds aside in a capital reserve to begin to address site deficiencies.

Q: How much does the School Resource Officer program cost?
A: β€‹The School Resource Officer program costs the division $186,976 per year. The division is budgeting for a continuation of the program and working with the Winnipeg Police Service to ensure that it meets its objectives. The program continues to be effective at diverting students from involvement with the criminal justice system and building positive relationships.

Q: What was the SOPAC vaccination decision?
A: We will defer to rental groups with respect to whether or not they require proof of vaccination for attendance at events.

Proof of vaccination will not be required for school events at SOPAC or at other locations.

Q: Why was it discussed in a closed meeting in a building that only vaccinated people could attend?
A: It was discussed at an additional Regular Board meeting that was advertised on our website.

Q: When will the mask mandates lift for our children? March 15th? Why has this information not been communicated to parents?​
A: β€‹We are awaiting formal word from the province. At present schools are still following Code Yellow guidelines. We are expecting an update from the province March 15th. β€‹β€‹