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Manitoba Education Special Credit for Languages

The following conditions apply to students wishing to receive special credit for languages:

  • Special language credits are available to students who qualify for credit in the manner described below and who fulfil the successful examination requirement. It is assumed that these languages are not being taught in Seven Oaks School Division at the level for which credit is sought.
  • Students wishing to receive credit must meet the requirements and follow the procedures set by the school division, the school, and Manitoba Education.
  • Manitoba high school students may claim special credit for languages in which they are competent, in accordance with the following guidelines:
    1. One credit for one language only may be granted at each of the Senior Years levels by the school. The maximum number allowable is 4.0 credits (Grades 9 to 12) out of the 30 credits presently required for high school graduation.
    2. Only students enrolled in a regular high school program, adult or evening high school classes are eligible for special language credits.
    3. Languages eligible for 10G, 20G, 30S or 40S special credit (curriculum-based) are:
      Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Spanish, Ukrainian, German, Portuguese, Filipino, Polish,  Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Icelandic and American Sign Language.

      Languages eligible for 11G, 21G, 31G or 41G special credit (non-curriculum-based) are:
      Greek, Slavic, Laotian, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Aboriginal First Nations Languages, Dutch, Urdu, etc.

      Other languages that have previously been written in the Seven Oaks School Division, which in no way restricts credit for languages not listed, include:
      Arabic, Korean, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Punjabi, Hindi and Yiddish.
    4. Languages not eligible for special credit are English and French.
    5. The credit for the language competence will be awarded by the school and recorded in the student transcript at the appropriate "S" or "G" level.
    6. Retroactive credit for students examined at the 40S/41G level may be awarded for superior language competency (granting of standing at the first, second, and third-year levels) upon the recommendation of the examiner and subject to established school criteria and with the approval of THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION.