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Apr 16, 2024
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Budgets & Reporting

​In the 2016/17 school year, our enrollment grew to nearly 11,500 students in 25 schools.

That means we have 11,500 future difference-makers in our classrooms and 11,500 reasons to spend on what matters: helping our kids achieve their fullest potential.

To do this, we deliver more for less, finding efficiencies and economies of scale wherever possible at no cost to quality education. Our spending strategy allows us to put more than 82% of our budget straight into classrooms and programs that make a difference.

We buy supplies in bulk and send all our purchasing and contracts to tender, giving us the greatest bang for our buck – a savings we can pass on to parents.

In addition to low- or no-cost school supplies, instruments and fees, we offer Learn to Skate and Learn to Swim programs, university and college courses within the timetable and a variety of programs that help keep our kids engaged during the summer months – all free of charge.

This alleviates some pressure on our parents and gives our kids the potential to grow, explore and realize their potential. We’ve got smart spending down to a science.

Learn more about our 2017/18 budget and planning:

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