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Seven Oaks School Division
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Jun 15, 2024
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Circle Garden

Seven Oaks School Division's Wayfinders and Maintenance Department have created a wonderful teaching space at the Maintenance Building at 2536 McPhillips St.

On Friday June 28th the circle was completed and the plants started going in.

Our Trustees were there to lend a hand in the planting!

The circle garden is a teaching tool with each of the four quadrants reflecting a period of history and linking to a variety of ways classes could come visit the site and learn.

    • North West Quadrant - will contain natural ground cover; plants, grasses, berries, and medicines indigenous to Manitoba and North America
    • North East Quadrant - will contain plants and vegetables grown by First Nations peoples; Three Sisters (beans, corn, squash), tomatoes, and potatoes
    • South East Quadrant - will contain European introduced vegetables; carrots, onions, lettuce, beets, etc.
    • South West Quadrant - will contain contemporary multi-cultural herb and vegetables; garlic, spices, pepers, etc.

The large rocks surrounding the circle garden represent the 13 moons of the First Nations peoples.

A pipe ceremony is planned for the fall to celebrate the Indigenous knowledge and history that can be conveyed through the circle garden.

Food produced will be used to support the Wayfinders nutrition program.

Development of this project in part made possible by the Bright Futures Fund administered by Children and Youth Opportunities of the provincial government in partnership with Seven Oaks School Division.