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Jun 15, 2024
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January 2017

​R.F. Morrison

R. F. Morrison – Room 10 – Grade 3 /4
In Room 10 we try to incorporate historical and present aspects of Indigenous cultures. Although we try to focus on local cultures, we have started talking about the cultures in the United States in regards to the Standing Rock Protest. The students are very concerned and engaged in being activists for Mother Earth. The following is what the students in Room 10 had to say about what we’ve been learning and what they want to share with you:


The Seven Teachings makes your life better, so you can be a good person. We think every student should learn about the Seven Teachings because it’s important that everyone can be a good person and be happy. It’s a good thing to learn about.


The animals we put on the wreath represent courage, love and respect. This is what all the soldiers including Indigenous soldiers (like Tommy Prince) had. Tommy Prince had courage because he fought in the war even though he had to decide between having Indigenous status or veterans benefits. We used pretend sweet grass on the wreath instead of poppies because it’s a healing medicine so we could help heal the veterans and the people who died.


We learned that the Dakota Access Pipeline would be used to transport oil. We are worried because the pipe could leak and pollute the water, land, and the animals. Standing Rock stood up and said “No, this is our land! We are going to stand up for it and the water!” The people who live at Standing Rock have been trying to stop the pipeline. People from around the world having been joining Standing Rock to show their support! We made buttons to raise awareness and show our support for a healthy world.


R. F. Morrison – Room 9 (Grade3 /4)
We learned about the 7 teachings. Some examples from the students in Room 9 are:
“The eagle reminds us that it is important to be loving. To be a good friend is to not be a liar., to be clever and frugal too. Love everyone and everything even if you don’t like it. Take care of your body. Treat everyone as a friend. Be kind to your parents, classmates and elders. Care deeply for someone no matter what they do.”

“The sabe or bigfoot reminds us that it is important to be honest. Try to help others with the best of your ability. If you say something, do it. Do not cheat, lie or steal.”

“The wolf reminds us that it is very important to always be humble. Humility shows that you are always yourself. Follow your dreams and don’t judge others or yourself. Remember always be humble. Know that you are equal to everyone else. Take pride in what you do and share your accomplishments with others.”

“The turtle reminds us that it is important to be truthful. Don’t spread rumors or lies. Be truthful to yourself and others. When you make a mistake, don’t hide it tell a parent or teacher.”


R.F. Morrison – Room 12 (grade3 / 4)
Owen Debets, Aurora Mishkow, and Daniel Kurjewicz
“An inukshuk is a sign that you’re going the right way, that you’re on the right path. A hunter can store something under it. In real life, inukshuks are made of rock and stone and can be seen miles away. We made inukshuks in our classroom using our pencils, pastels, and blue glue.”