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Dec 09, 2023
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March 2017

​Indigenous Education at ÉSOMS

Indigenous Education at École Seven Oaks Middle School is an integrated part of a student’s learning experience. We start off each day with smudging for those who wish to participate, we acknowledge each morning that we are on Treaty One land and the traditional territories of the Métis people and we have many opportunities to learn about the historical and contemporary importance of Canada’s First Peoples through history, literature, music, science and art.


Many students participate in drumming workshops offered by Sherri Courchene and assisted by Matt Mousseau. Students learn the significance of the drum and learn to play a song together.


This year we also began our school Powwow club, combining with students from Victory School. Students participate in the afternoon on day 2 and are learning a variety of traditional dances, like fancy shawl, jingle dress and traditional men’s dances. These students will have the opportunity to perform these dances at our divisional graduation powwow in June. Powwow club is led by Matt Mousseau, a CATEP student and Educational Assistant in our school and an award winning dancer himself. We were fortunate to have Matt and his mother, Patricia Mainville, perform in a school-wide assembly in December.


Our grade 6 students all had the opportunity to participate in the blanket simulation activity to learn about Canada’s history as it pertains to Indigenous peoples. This helps them develop an increased understanding of the concept, “We Are All Treaty People”, and better understand the need for Truth and Reconciliation.


After the Truth and Reconciliation blanket activity, Mme Pancotto’s class wrote poetry entitled, When I Look Through my Window, poems from the perspective of a child being sent to residential school.

When I Look Through My Window

I feel scared

I know that the Europeans are coming for me

When I think about the future

I feel that they will make me European

I know that I will forget about my culture

When I watch the Europeans take other children

I feel sad for them

I know that they're going to a residential school and might die

But I am not that and I still feel and know that

We should make sure everyone has an equal say

Because it's the right thing to do

By: Patrick

When I Look Through My Window

I feel sad and desperate to leave.

I know that I can't leave ever.

When I think about the future

I feel angry about how some people won't remember our history

I know that I can't change how they think.

When I watch them hurt other kids,

I feel like nobody was there to help

I know that I need to helpthem

But I am not there and I still feel and know that,

We should build a safe place for all of them.

Because of all we've done.

By Roxanne


A number of classes have visited the Indigenous Cultural Education Centre and taken part in activities like creating dream catchers. Teachers have also taken the opportunity to visit the Centre to learn about the programming they have to offer to schools.