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Seven Oaks School Division
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Apr 16, 2024
School Day 6
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Aboriginal Education Continuum

Rubric Interactive.jpgThe rubric is a continuation of our collective work to support our vision for Aboriginal education in Seven Oaks School division.  The rubric has 5 columns.  The first column identifies the seven areas outlined in the policy.

  1. Curriculum Development
  2. Professional Development
  3. Aboriginal Languages
  4. Parent and Community Involvement
  5. Student Supports
  6. Employment Equity
  7. Accountability: Assessment and Evaluation

Rubric.jpgThe following columns are meant to show a progression of growth from the first column to the fourth. The names of the columns indicate this ongoing development: Emerging, Developing, Competent and Creative/Innovate.

  • ​​Limited to no experience with integration of Aboriginal culture, history, perspectives
  • Desire to integrate exists
  • Need to instill a sense of responsibility/ownership at the school and classroom level
  • Identify starting points
  • Tap into resources/support networks
  • ​Gaining experience, knowledge, insight of Aboriginal culture, history, perspectives ; specific topics/teaching areas
  • Conducting integration trials
  • Understanding issues, challenges, aspirations of Aboriginal students/families and begin to address these areas
(Confidence & Experience)
  • ​Confidence & experience is growing individually and collectively as a school
  • Integrates specific topics of Aboriginal history, culture and perspectives into curricula
  • Resourceful- connecting with human and new print materials
  • Reflects on practice, identifies what is essential and what still needs work
  • ​Sharing promising practices with colleagues, schools/division
  • Creating own resources and supportive and initiatives
  • Engage is self-assessment to look at efficiencies and successful practices
  • Strong parent, school, community connections

The continuum builds from the Accountability section of our Aboriginal education policy. The continuum is meant to be a list of suggested activities and can support school planning. Each section includes a list of recommended initiatives schools can undertake to achieve the stated goals of our Aboriginal education policy. This content was amalgamted from staff who attended our Divisional Aboriginal education PATH committee meetings or one of our parent/community consultation meetings. It provides the steps that can be taken to achieve the outcomes identified in the Seven Oaks Aboriginal education policy (2013).

It does not mean that when these goals are achieved that we are done our work, rather we continue to assess, vision, plan and implement new initiatives. It’s part of steadying our growth cycle and what we wish to accomplish together.