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830 Powers Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2V 4E7| Phone: (204) 586-8061| Fax: (204) 589-2504
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Seven Oaks School Division
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Oct 17, 2021
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​​What are the stage dimensions?

Total stage size: 60’x60’
Acting area size: 40’ wide x 30’ deep, adjustable and reconfigurable.
Wide rounded front Apron, includes permanent stairs to auditorium first row.


What is the seating arrangement

526 fixed seats in 8" raised levels.  8 wheelchair places in the center with optional companion seating. One entrance each side of auditorium.

Additional accessible seating is available in 6 aisle seats with flip up arm rests.  They are not wheelchair  accessible, but for someone with limited mobility.  They are E22 and E7, 1 step. H7, 4 steps. G22, 2 steps. L22, 6 steps. A7, 5 steps.

What are the Costs to Rent the Facility?

Cost to rent the facility is $1300/day plus all technical labour.  A House manager is included for the public portion of the event, if applicable.  Please contact Ben Ross for details and to discuss at 204-339-2058 or at ben.ross@7oaks.orgPlease note prices are subject to change.

What are the Video Specs?

Watchout V.5 Media server
1xEPSON PRO L1405UNL Laser WUXGA 3 LCD projector, front projection presentation screen 20’w x12’h
3x Epson Prolite Z11005 XGA 3 LCD projector, blended REAR image on rear screen 35’ wide x 14’ high
2x Epson Prolite Z11005 XGA 3 LCD projector, each with REAR side wing screen, 8’ wide x 14’ high

What are the Audio Specs?

2x Fulcrum Acoustics GX1595 Loudspeaker
2x Fulcrum Acoustics CX896 Loudspeaker
1x Fulcrum Acoustics Sub218L
4x QSC K8.2 powered speaker/monitor
Yamaha QL1 32 channel digital mixing console
Denon DN-300Z Media player

Qlab 4.0 for audio playback. Files need to be on USB.  Please do not use MP3 format.

Assorted XLR cable in 10's, 25's, and 50's.  Patch cables, adaptors, DI's etc.

10x tall boom stand, 6 short boom stand


4 x Shure 57,  4x Beta 57A
1x Shure 58,   6x Beta 58A
4x SM137,   2x PAG56
2xAT2021,  1x Shure 5 piece drum mic kit
2x Shure GLXD wireless handheld w/LAV conversion kit

10 permanently mounted overhead choir mics for ensemble reinforcement.


What are the Lighting Specs?

ETC ION 1000 console with submaster wing
2x Elation Platinum Spot III moving lights. FOH mounted.
40x ETC Source 4WRD spot 26 and 36 degree lenses
45x ETC ColorSource PAR
17 x ETC Source Four 750 watt incandescent fixture

A copy of the house hang is available on request. 

Please note: theatrical smoke, fog and haze are NOT allowed in the venue.

What is the Drapery?

Black velour, 50% fullness, includes upstage drop, side masking, and legs.
There is a RED main curtain, manually operated, and a black midstage traveller, manually operated.