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Jun 19, 2024
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7 Oaks Hall of Fame

​​​ Seven Oaks Education Foundation is an organization dedicated to providing the students of Seven Oaks School Division access to post-secondary education. SOEF envisions a supportive community where all students believe they can continue their education and training beyond high school. The Foundation raises funds to help students realize their post-secondary goals through scholarship opportunities and distributes these funds to facilitate learning for as many students as possible.            ​Donations are also welcomed at any time here and go directly to the scholorship funds.

​LYDIA HEDRICH 1958 - 2023​

Lydia was born in Winnipeg and spent part of her childhood in Quebec and Ontario. She completed high school in Sutton, Ontario where her enjoyment of the arts flourished. She participated in theatrical productions and studied piano. Lydia began her post secondary education at York university and continued on at College Universitaire de St.Boniface and the University of Manitoba.lydia.JPG

Lydia always set very high standards for herself. She was very focused on her goals and gave her full attention and effort to reach them.

As she began her career as an educator first in the Assiniboia South School Division and later in the 7 Oaks School Division, Lydia's dedication to the students was demonstrated in her caring and challenging classroom environment.  Early in her career Lydia became a learning support teacher at Ecole Belmont, this led to administrative positions and eventually Lydia would become a member of the Seven Oaks School Division's superintendent's department.IMG_4480.JPG

Lydia's passion for music and social justice re-surfaced when she learned about the SISTEMA music program, which had shown a positive societal impact in Venezuela. The program's goal encompasses the enrichment of the lives of disenfranchised children and families, providing them with opportunities not ordinarily within their reach outside of the program. Through Lydia's persistence a partnership was established between the 7Oaks School Division and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. The goal was to provide access to the SISTEMA program to all interested students in the 7Oaks School Division.

Lydia was also instrumental in starting up “Arts in the Park", a biennial event showcasing the musical programs and talents found in the 7Oaks School Division.

In 2015 Lydia was presented the Administrator of the Year award by the Manitoba Band Association recognizing her contribution and support of music programs throughout the school division.

Her respect for language and culture enabled her to respond to the diversity found throughout the 7Oaks School Division. Lydia 's role in the development and implementation of curriculum had her support and enrich French language programs, as well as educational programs suited to the needs of the 7 Oaks  community.


 Lydia was unwavering in her beliefs and support of social equity and in building a supportive, just community within the 7Oaks School Division. She was a kind and generous person who continuously supported, family, friends and colleagues. Lydia gave her best, that was as true at work as it was at home. Her culinary skills were on display whenever friends were invited, or family gatherings took place. She loved to entertain, a reflection of her enjoyment to do things for others.

Her interest in children's books led to a collection of hundreds of titles over her lifetime.IMG_04051.jpg

​Throughout her life, Lydia demonstrated a deep commitment to excellence.  She pushed herself and the people around her to be the best they could be.

​A true leader, she inspired those around her to reach for the stars, Gary D. Fenstermacher's North Star in particular. Lydia's career was a  testament to the power of hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence.   She was unwavering in her believes.   ​Lydia was able to inspire. 


You can view the program from the Hall of Fame concert here.​

Here are some of the videos from the concert: