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Seven Oaks School Division
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Apr 21, 2024
No School Today


Course Offerings for Summer 2024 will be posted soon.

 ​​All courses are subject to sufficient enrolment.​

Courses offered Summer 2023​​

English Stream
French Immersion Stream​
Period A (8:00am-10:30am)Period B (10:40am - 1:10pm)Period A (8:00am-10:30am)Period B (10:40am - 1:10pm)
English 10F
English 10FFrançais 10FcancelFrançais 10F cancel
Math 10FSocial Studies 10FSciences Humaines 10Fcancel
Sciences Humaines 10F cancel
Science 10FMath 10FMathématiques 10F
Sciences de la Nature 10F cancel
Physical Education 10F

English 20FEnglish 20FFrançais 20F cancelSciences de la Nature 20F
Geography 20FEssentials Math 20SGéographie 20F cancel
Maths appliques et pre-calc 20S
Essentials Math 20S​cancel
Science20FMaths au quotidien 20Scancel
Applied Pre-Calculus Math 20S
Physical Education 20F
Maths au quotidien 30Scancel
Français 30F cancel
English 30SEnglish 30S
Histoire 30F cancel
Applied Math 30S​cancel History 30SMaths pre-calc 30S
Pre-Calculus Math 30SEssentials Math 30S
Biology 30SPhysics 30Scancel
Chemistry 30SGr12Gr12
Physical Education 30FMaths au quotidien 40Scancel
Français 40F cancel
Maths pre-calc 40S
English 40S-Comprehensive (CORE)English 40S-Comprehensive (CORE)
English 40S-Literary FormscancelEnglish 40S-Literary Formscancel
English 40S-Trans cancelEnglish 40S-Trans. cancel
English 40S-Technical Comm.cancelEnglish 40S-Technical Comm cancel
Applied Math 40ScancelEssentials Math 40S
Pre-Calculus Math 40S
Physics 40S cancel
Biology 40S
Chemistry 40Scancel
Physical Education 40Fcan