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Seven Oaks School Division
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Dec 01, 2021
School Day 6
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Information & Communications


  • ​SharePoint 2019 Division and School websites have been evaluated using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 (Level A) On various browsers and platforms. The division website had a good foundation in page navigation, labelling and structure. Website can be translated using integrated tools in SharePoint.
  • Website descriptive text and alternate text has been added throughout the website.
  • Technology is utilized in schools to support students and teachers with accessibility and support tools. Applications are used on tablets to allow access for individuals to improve visibility, text to speech, translation and many other areas. Examples of this software are; Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Seesaw, Headrush, Boardmaker, Pic Tello, Co-Writer, Read aloud, NonVisual Desktop Access and many others.
  • Wi-Fi in all buildings to provide access for BYOD. Helps to improve all types of communication.
  • Access to mobile computing devices, i.e. laptops, Chromebooks, iPads, etc.
  • Computer projection devices are in school classrooms. Approximately 80% of existing school classrooms have access to projection devices.
  • All schools have interactive flat panels.  Since 2016 interactive flat panels have been added in all newly built school classrooms.  Annually increasing the number of flat panels in schools.
  • How to guides have been translated to languages other than English and are available on the divisional website.
  • ​Families have access to information using Parent Connect and staff have access to student information online using School Connect.
  • ​Computers are available in every classroom for staff and students.
  • ​Telephone system is VOIP with voicemail to email capability.
  • Partnerships with CNIB, Visual Services, Hearing testing.
  • Occupational and Physio Therapists advise us on the use of equipment and strategies to support accessibility in all schools.
  • Libraries provide access to digital materials in audio and video formats including EBooks with text to speech and closed captioning streaming services.
  • Able to provide Chromebooks and remote internet access to families in need.


  • ​Website: Continue to add descriptive text. Use captions for video possibly upload video to YouTube to use their caption feature. Review colour usage and layout text and font size. Review statements such as "click here". Include links with alternate text. Ensure text to voice is available on all sites. Use SharePoint style tools for headings, pasting as plain text.
  • Provide access to school division devices which support touch, text to voice, and translation tools.
  • Increase teacher capacity through professional development in utilizing accessibility features within technology.
  • Increase the number of interactive flat panels in all classrooms.
  • To work toward WCAG 2.0 compliance on the Connect Product website.​
  • Utilize accessibility tools built into the Operating System and existing hardware.​
  • Work with our Occupational and Physio Therapists to improve accessibility to Technology and Applied Arts programs.​​
  • Increase the titles and materials available in our libraries in digital form.​
  • Work with vendors to provide descriptive video resources.