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Seven Oaks School Division
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Jun 17, 2024
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Physical Environments


  • ​​Accessibility to multi level spaces within the Division is achieved by use of elevators or single person elevating platform lift.
  • ​Power assisted doors have been installed at all Divisional sites. Location of these devices have typically been installed predominately at main school entrances.
  • ​Many sites within the Division incorporate visual strobes during fire alarm activation. These devices assist individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and are an essential safety feature.
  • Most sites utilize at both interior and exterior stairs/ramps detectable warning surfaces with contrasting color material at nosing of each step. This warns individuals with visual impairments of differences in surface elevations or stairs.
  • Across the Division signage and pictograms are used to direct or label physical spaces. All new signs include Braille lettering.
  • Some Divisional sites have incorporated universal design into play spaces. This concept allows children with various abilities access to these spaces for inclusive play. Some of these features include accessible surface material such as wood fibre, universal play equipment, and accessible routes/paths to these areas.
  • Most ​Divisional sites have an accessible route of travel from parking lots to entrances that are free of steps and curbs.


  • ​Continue with capital planning to address remaining multi-level​ spaces requiring accessibility.
  • Consideration given to sites that because of physical environment power doors are not installed at main entrances. Continue installation of power assisted doors into interior spaces to allow unimpeded access to common spaces.
  • Planning/budgeting of fire panel upgrades must also take into consideration upgrades to all field devices to meet current code requirements.
  • Plan/budget to incorporate these design features into existing staircases when modifications or upgrades are considered.
  • Ensure new signage meets basic accessibility requirements such as plain language, use of graphic symbols, contrasting colors, raised tactile lettering for easier readability.
  • ​Continue to incorporate universal design techniques/features into future play space projects across the Division.
  • Plan/budget to ensure accessible parking spaces are in close proximity to accessible entrances with barrier free travel paths.